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ALTHOUGH THE ROCK & ROLL KITCHEN FORMAT IS LIGHT, FUN & (HOPEFULLY) FUNNY, there are two things that are never taken lightly: the food and the music.

RRK uses only the very best singers, guitarists, drummers, bassists, keys, horns (and sometimes strings). Although they may be just "the house band," these musicians are comparable to any band seen on national TV shows. Here are some of the many tracks we have written, performed or produced over the years; visit us periodically as we sort & upload more.

  MOONDANCE (mp3, 4MB). Produced by The Rock & Roll Chef from "Pumpkin Patch" CD (Happy Halloween!). Featuring Suzanne Palmer, Jeff Thomas, Eric Hochberg, Neil Artwick, Rock & Roll Chef  


NEW! Listen to The Rock & Roll Kitchen Radio Hour, featuring our favorite "food" songs of all time (MP3, 56MB)

The Rock & Roll Kitchen® - Party In The Kitchen! | 1924 W. Montrose #117 | Chicago IL 60613 | +1 773.989.5341



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