December 2022

Do you love cooking? How about music? How about a unique workshop blending them both together? Welcome to the Rock & Roll Kitchen® Cooking And Music Workshop™.

Created by The Rock & Roll Chef® – a professional musician and chef – the Workshops guide you through the basic of creating great food and great music.

The Rock & Roll Kitchen Cooking and Music Workshops are fun, educational and unique sessions which touch on the basics of creating both.

While we do not claim to compete with multi-year cooking or music instruction offered at universities, we nonetheless offer valuable lessons on the basics of both fields. These lessons apply to everyone, regardless of age, aspirations as a chef or musician, hobbyist or professional.

The main ingredients: CREATIVITY, SPONTANEITY and FUN.

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For a single Workshop, expect up to 3 hours.
Simple; we do some cooking (with cooking lessons), and talk about the music we’ll be writing and recording. We eat, talk some more, and then start writing and recording the song we created.
For the cooking, we provide all materials and tools needed.
If you have an ACOUSTIC instrument you can play (no amp needed), bring it. We will provide some instruments (guitars, bass, keyboard, percussion) plus mics/stands and mobile recording (laptop) with multiple inputs.
If you’re expecting the next smash pop single – don’t. This is a “lite” workshop with limited time, involving random people with unknown skill levels. Therefore we don’t have much time to invest with the writing, recording or mixing of the song.
Absolutely. Writing lyrics is important (ask Bernie Taupin); Good singers are very valuable; Percussion is an option; and for those more interested in engineering/music production can help with that too.
We will upload the song to our website, and you (and your friends) can download from a link within 24 hours.
Absolutely – you can participate or not, depending upon your interest. This also works if a parent or child have only cooking or only music preferences while attending the same class.
We offer both, depending upon your schedule and budget. Multi-date programs vary from single sessions, as we
Yes, please contact us directly for more info.

CANCELLATIONS. If you need to cancel, you must do it no less than 48 hours prior to the Workshop. NOTE: We DO NOT refund money for cancellations; your payment is applied to another date.

PAYMENT. Pre-payment in full is required to hold your slot; We accept PayPal.

OFF-SITE EVENTS. Yes, we can bring the Workshop to your, or your company as a team builder). Contact us for more info.




FAMILY CLASSES (Kids 5+ and Parents/Adults)