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ALTHOUGH THE ROCK & ROLL KITCHEN WAS ORIGINALLY CREATED AS A TELEVISION FORMAT, THE SHOW HAS ALSO BEEN adapted for live presentations with the same edge, fun and energy. More, live presentations always involve random audiences members, making it a truly interactive entertainment experience.

We currently have two live options: 1. "Road Worthy" Rock & Roll Kitchen. Fully-functional kitchen featuring road cases, rolling racks, small appliances, housewares, amps, flat-screen monitor and overhead cameras. Completely mobile for fast load-in/load-out; perfect for backstage at concerts, parking lot shows, theaters, casinos, special events etc. or 2. "Trade Show Max" replicating a TV studio set. (see comp drawing below) Includes the fun, full-service "Full Tilt Tiki Bar." See live video from The Taste Of Chicago and Chicago Recording Company.
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Comp Drawings of The Rock & Roll Kitchen &
"Full Tilt Tiki Bar" For Trade Show Presentation
(click to download PDF 1.2MB)

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